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Thermal hair straightening question:
How long does a HAIR STRAIGHTENING take?
Thermal Hair Straightening is not a quick procedure. Professional cosmetologists take from 5 to 6 hrs to perform it. If you have short hair with a minimum of curliness and hair frizz, it will take less time than if you have longer, curlier, frizzier hair.

Thermal hair straightening question:
Is it necessary to have a COMPLETE Thermal hair straightening? What If I just want to "loosen up" my hair curls a little bit.
Your hair stylist, if properly trained & experienced, can use retexturizer to loosen up or "relax" you curls. You do not need a full Thermal Straightening.

Thermal hair straightening question:
Is one hair straightening system superior to another? Some say that Bio-Ionic Retexturizing is the best, others swear by Rusk; some people say Optismooth (Opti-Smooth) Thermal Hair Straightening System in the gentlest to use on my hair. It gets confusing.
Thermal Hair Straightening answer:
Bio-Ionic, Rusk & Optismooth (Opti-Smooth) all manufacture very good, dependable hair straightening systems. It might be best for you to concentrate on choosing a certified stylist / cosmetician with a good deal of experience doing straightenings; someone trained in, familiar and comfortable with their particular hair straightening arsenal.

Thermal hair straightening question:
Will I be able to get a THERMAL HAIR STRAIGHTENING if I've had a PERM?
Yes, but your hair must be in good general condition.

hair straightening question:
So, all I have to do is make an appointment with my stylist -- and then show up?
A proper Thermal Hair Straightening requires an initial consultation. Your hair stylist / cosmetician will examine your hair, and make another appointment to perform the straightening procedure only if they are certain your hair is in the proper condition. (Chemically damaged hair is one reason you may be turned down for a Japanese hair straightening.) To be certain, your stylist will cut a small portion of your hair, and use it to perform a HAIR STRAND TEST.

Thermal hair straightening question:
What can I expect when I come in for my Thermal hair straightening?
FIRST, your hair will be washed and conditioned, then treated with Retexturizer. This softens hairs curls and hair frizz, and "relaxes" your hair.
SECOND, your hair stylist / cosmetician thermally reconstructs hair into its new straight shape. This is performed by pressing it with a HOT CERAMIC FLAT IRON.
THIRD, your hair is treated with a chemical Neutralizer. This permanently locks it into its new, high-gloss straightness.

Thermal hair straightening question:
Can I get a THERMAL HAIR STRAIGHTENING if my hair has been colored?
Yes, though Thermal hair straightening may cause your colored hair to fade. You should wait a minimun of seven to ten days after a JAPANESE STRAIGHTENING to have your hair colored again.

Thermal hair straightening question:
Can I shampoo my hair right after a THERMAL HAIR STRAIGHTENING? If not, how long do I have to wait after a HAIR STRAIGHTENING before I can shampoo?
You should wait at least seventy-two hours before you shampoo your hair. And don't use hairclips, rubber bands, or crimp your hair in any way for that same seventy-two hours.

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